Hi! My name is David Peñuela, an interaction designer/creative technologist/magician, half Spanish half Colombian currently living in between Barcelona, Spain and Naples, Italy.

In June 1994 I moved to Barcelona with my family blabla bla bla… too boring. I will summarise what I have done:

Born in Colombia,
1993-2010 lived in Barcelona,
2010-2011 lived in Linz,
2011-2014 lived in Treviso,
2014-Boh! living in Barcelona

I worked in Barcelona for PingPongTech, a creative interaction design studio lead by Joan Pujol and Oriol Aragonés. I owe them my love to programming since they where really patience with me when I knew nothing.

While I was in Linz I was doing some freelancing as I was studying in Hagenberg.

Since 2011 I have been working full time in Fabrica as an interaction designer. I am really privileged to be able to love my life, love what I do and meet incredible people.

When I left Fabrica i moved to Barcelona, to work with Lyncos and their IoT platform Lhings. It was short and intense.

Currently I am freelancing and focus on Unofficial Report, meeting new people and challenges.

This are some people I have worked with or met in
Fabrica and in my life that I want to mention:

Angelo Semeraro +
Tim Wan +
Kirsty Minns +
Che-wei and Taylor! +
Travis Kirton +
Daniel Schwarz +
Marina Rosso +
Daito Manabe +
Rober Wong +
Matt Cottam +
Sam Baron +
Oriol Ferrer +
Cosimo Bizzarri +
Ramon PEZ +
Laia Abril +
Ilaria Montanari +
Amber Mollison +