Samsung – Bada dev

While I was studying in Linz, Austria, I started to develop mobile apps for Samsung and, what it that moment was, a just launched environment. Badas was ment to be the ultimate and unique environment that Samsung would use for all their future devices. From mp3 players to TV’s, mobile phones and any other electronic device. The idea was to learn an environment that could be easily used for any device.
I developed a small framework for developing books for Bada OS phones and 3 apps:
Drinking Games +
Tapas, free version +
Tapas, paid version +
Basic Recipes +

Dolce Pace

“Dolce Pace” is an exhibition of the photographer Laia Abril, from FABRICA, that describes the daily lives of gay and lesbian residents in Treviso. An intimate view of homosexuality. But above all, a love story. In three acts.
I was asked to make a visualization of the images uploaded to Facebook with an interface designed especificly for the exposition.
Done in XYZ gallery in Treviso, Italy.


C4 is a project inspired by Processing and MacResearch to promote software literacy, in design, research and the arts started by Travis Kirton.
I redesigned and implement a new web using Stacey framework.
We are working hard to get this project known as much as Processing or Openframeworks are known all over the world.
Travis is now working on C4 framework developing more examples and references.



In 2011 I got accepted for a one year (later on became an almost 3 years job) scholarship in Fabrica, the Benetton group communications research center. I am working (still in 2013) as an Interaction Designer / Magician.
Bubbles is an interactive installation designed and developed for Benetton Live Windows.
This application was developed during my 2 weeks trial in Fabrica.
I like “showing” this project because I realized that a project doesn’t exists if there is no documentation of it.
That’s what happen to this project so basically, this project doesn’t really exists.
Just basic documentation of the process was done but there are no images from the game in the Benetton Live Windows.


#Skypeglitchart is a collaborative project created by Gastón Lisak and developed by myself exploring a mixture between technology, dialogue and photography.
It is a platform that tries to engage and collect all the shots that have visible imperfections, captured by people using Skype, with a weak connection, speaking with friends, family, girlfriends, boyfriends or even pets.
#Skypeglitchart is not just about glitch, is about people you know and interact with. Is about errors and randomness under the term “New Aesthetics” recently discussed by James Bridle.




Apesnake Photobooth is a face and mouth detection photobooth built in openFrameworks using Kyle McDonald’s FaceOSC. A webcam detects a single face, tracks it’s position, and calculates the width and height of it’s mouth. When the eyes and mouth match our desired expression (in this case, the Manwolf face), the software triggers a Canon 1000D to take a photo and play an ape shriek. Photos are saved with a high resolution locally and automatically uploaded to Apesnake Manwolf’s Facebook Photos Page.