Barcelona World Race

FNOB, Fundación de Navegación Oceánica de Barcelona organized a sailing race around the world that would have as starting and end point Barcelona. They asked the UPF university to develop an online application where the people could follow the race as you are participating on a virtual race with real bots and virtual botes.
I had the opportunity to join the project and learn from people who have been working with Flash and web development for long time.

The Birds

The Birds is an installation done with Nina Valkanova, a data visualization specialist from UPF that displays birds in a tree depending on the number of people that are in a room.
She designed the visuals in openFrameworks side and I developed the physical part. We used an Arduino with an Xbee shield that would be able to control the flux of people entering and leaving a place with some industrial infrared sensors we found in the UPF’s lab. This information was send over the network to an openFrameworks app that would display and animate the birds.
The installation was shown in ExpoTech, UPF’s open technology day in 2009.
This was my first attempt of physical computing.


This is a personal project that I started long time ago and have not stop developing. I build the hardware in Hangar, a visual arts production centre located Barcelona, and then exposed in SonarMatica, an exhibition around Barcelona during the Sonar Festival ‘09.
Octinct is a 64 RGB button pad controller done with Arduino and controlled with Processing, this way is not just an input but also an output button pad.


80Table is a game I develop with other 2 students from the UPF university in Barcelona for the reactable. The idea was to interact with the physical objects (fiducials where attached to a kind of joystick and also to a fly plastic handle) as you are playing with digital objects.
A chaotic and thrilling game where the one that eat more coins at the end of the game is the winner.
Coded back in 2009 in openFrameworks, this was my first attempt of programming.


#Skypeglitchart is a collaborative project created by Gastón Lisak and developed by myself exploring a mixture between technology, dialogue and photography.
It is a platform that tries to engage and collect all the shots that have visible imperfections, captured by people using Skype, with a weak connection, speaking with friends, family, girlfriends, boyfriends or even pets.
#Skypeglitchart is not just about glitch, is about people you know and interact with. Is about errors and randomness under the term “New Aesthetics” recently discussed by James Bridle.




Apesnake Photobooth is a face and mouth detection photobooth built in openFrameworks using Kyle McDonald’s FaceOSC. A webcam detects a single face, tracks it’s position, and calculates the width and height of it’s mouth. When the eyes and mouth match our desired expression (in this case, the Manwolf face), the software triggers a Canon 1000D to take a photo and play an ape shriek. Photos are saved with a high resolution locally and automatically uploaded to Apesnake Manwolf’s Facebook Photos Page.