Imaginart Gallery

Imaginart is one of the biggest modern galleries in Barcelona.
Together with Kirsty Minns we made a redesign of the website and implement an easier way for the client to update their content: simple, easy to use and update and more accessible to their potential clients.
What was interesting about this project was the way of working. Designer in London, client in Barcelona, developer in Italy.

Dolce Pace

“Dolce Pace” is an exhibition of the photographer Laia Abril, from FABRICA, that describes the daily lives of gay and lesbian residents in Treviso. An intimate view of homosexuality. But above all, a love story. In three acts.
I was asked to make a visualization of the images uploaded to Facebook with an interface designed especificly for the exposition.
Done in XYZ gallery in Treviso, Italy.


C4 is a project inspired by Processing and MacResearch to promote software literacy, in design, research and the arts started by Travis Kirton.
I redesigned and implement a new web using Stacey framework.
We are working hard to get this project known as much as Processing or Openframeworks are known all over the world.
Travis is now working on C4 framework developing more examples and references.



In 2011 I got accepted for a one year (later on became an almost 3 years job) scholarship in Fabrica, the Benetton group communications research center. I am working (still in 2013) as an Interaction Designer / Magician.
Bubbles is an interactive installation designed and developed for Benetton Live Windows.
This application was developed during my 2 weeks trial in Fabrica.
I like “showing” this project because I realized that a project doesn’t exists if there is no documentation of it.
That’s what happen to this project so basically, this project doesn’t really exists.
Just basic documentation of the process was done but there are no images from the game in the Benetton Live Windows.

Swab Art Fair

Swab Art Fair is Barcelona’s biggest Art Fair. Founded in 2006 by Joaquín Diez-Cascón, Swab has not stop growing.
I was hired to develop and design a new web 10 days before 2011th edition.
With a really little budget and no time to test it, the web page was published 3 days before the opening and got around 17.000 visits in the next 10 days.

The Maze on the wall

The Maze on the Wall is an installation done while I was studying in Barcelona (UPF).
I have always felt fascinated by the idea how diluted is getting the line between the real and virtual world. This is a first attempt of understanding the relationship of objects with their reality.
The installation used a whole room filled with soft balls with which the user could interact with the installation by throwing them to specific targets projected over the walls. With a wiimote controller you could control the train over its path. When a train ended its route, a ball from a hidden box was released to give a final feedback to the user.
This project received the award for “Most original installation”.