Pause Onirique

Scenography and curating of the Flagship Store Molteni&C Dada for Paris Designer’s Days 2013 .
Molteni&C and Dada’s showroom turns for the week in a strange and poetic gallery where the public becomes part of the installation. The visitor discovers the content by taking the time to sit, a light is activated revealing fantastic scenes where the iconic italian brand furniture become actors of chimeric situations, an invitation to take a break and imagine what a future in the air could be.
A system controlled by 3 Arduino’s receive a wireless signal that reveals or hides the content of one or another mirror. This light bulb is connect to a DMX light dimmer that is controlled by one of the Arduinos (one Arduino+DMX dimmer per wall) making them fade in and out.
Theme: « And tomorrow ». Designed by Charlotte Juillard.


Bedriegertje, which in Dutch means “little deception”, is an installation done by myself in collaboration with product designer Sam Baron in wich we try to explores the boundaries between the real and the virtual worlds, their intersections and the causality of our interactions with them.
In this project also this people worked:
Marina Rosso +
Lea Dicursi +
Angelo Semeraro +
It will be exposed in Porto, in the gallery Colönia from the 16th of March until the 14th of june 2013.
More information here!

Samsung – Bada dev

While I was studying in Linz, Austria, I started to develop mobile apps for Samsung and, what it that moment was, a just launched environment. Badas was ment to be the ultimate and unique environment that Samsung would use for all their future devices. From mp3 players to TV’s, mobile phones and any other electronic device. The idea was to learn an environment that could be easily used for any device.
I developed a small framework for developing books for Bada OS phones and 3 apps:
Drinking Games +
Tapas, free version +
Tapas, paid version +
Basic Recipes +

Colors Magazin – Survival guide

Created by photographer Oliviero Toscani and art director Tibor Kalman in 1991 to show the world to the world. The message has remained the same: diversity is good.
The magazine looks at social issues by following them around the world and treating everything with the same naivety to give a glimpse of what’s going on through first-person interviews and photography. The magazine has been translated into over 15 languages including Korean, Russian and Greek.
For issues #81, #82, #83 I was asked to develope a site that would summarize the content of an exhibition done in the London Design Museum.
Survival guide +

Unhate – Unempoyee

Erik Ravelo, Creative Director of Fabrica in 2012, made a campaign where the main focus was on the unemployees.
The UNEMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR communication campaign, set up under the aegis of the UNHATE Foundation, seeks to challenge clichés about youth non-employment and asserts a belief in the creativity of the world’s youth. Through it, the UNHATE Foundation, whose aim is to promote a culture of non-hate, will support youth to become actors of change against indifference and stigma.
For this project Erik and I designed and developed an interactive monument where people could upload their picture and story.

mLove Festival

Brain Tweet is a brain wave controlled video mapping shown. It had its premiere at the MLove ConFestival 2012. The show was produced by Projektil – Pot Shot Experience Design in collaboration with David Peñuela and Angelo Semeraro, main developer.

There exist different strategies for communication: Either broadcasting multiple messages making an impact through the power of the quantitiy or focusing on one single quote without losing forces by dispersion. Brain Tweet translates this metaphor into an interactive experience allowing participants either to interact with the building over twitter or a so called BCI Brain Computer Interface.

Get the full slides of the presentation here.

Vera Chapter One+Two

Vera is a multi-disciplinary project that recreates a fictional character’s material and sensorial world. Thirty-one photographs from a girl’s family were found a few years ago in a second hand shop in Brighton, these images have become the beginning of all of our narration. Vera is our muse.
I was asked to develop the structure for an ongoing project that has no limits and needed an scalable and easy to use site.
Vera is a project developed by Kirsty Minns and Erika Muller
Vera Chapter +

Still Lights / Ongoing Table

Foam Magazine organized an exhibition in &Foam Design space and asked Fabrica’s Product Design’s department to develop 7 objects. One of them was a dining table with a screen and a two-way mirror. On top of the table a flower and displaying on the screen is a Voronoi triangulation of what is on top of the table. As time passes, the triangulation dissapears in a radial movement.
It is an interactive table cloth that evolves over time and stablishes a communication between the real and virtual world.

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