#Skypeglitchart is a collaborative project created by Gastón Lisak and developed by myself exploring a mixture between technology, dialogue and photography.
It is a platform that tries to engage and collect all the shots that have visible imperfections, captured by people using Skype, with a weak connection, speaking with friends, family, girlfriends, boyfriends or even pets.
#Skypeglitchart is not just about glitch, is about people you know and interact with. Is about errors and randomness under the term “New Aesthetics” recently discussed by James Bridle.




Apesnake Photobooth is a face and mouth detection photobooth built in openFrameworks using Kyle McDonald’s FaceOSC. A webcam detects a single face, tracks it’s position, and calculates the width and height of it’s mouth. When the eyes and mouth match our desired expression (in this case, the Manwolf face), the software triggers a Canon 1000D to take a photo and play an ape shriek. Photos are saved with a high resolution locally and automatically uploaded to Apesnake Manwolf’s Facebook Photos Page.